Express Facial

30 min   |   $45.00

For  when you need that quick deep clean. The Express Facial is designed to refresh and cleanse your skin, ridding it of dead skin cells and encouraging natural cell renewal and repair. 

Signature Facial

60 min   |   $80.00

The must have facial. Combining relaxation and results, the Signature Facial promotes radiant glowing skin with the use of specially selected products for your skin's health. It is accompanied by a luxurious face sculpting massage using lymphatic drainage techniques.

Collagen Facial

90 min   |   $120.00

A surgical free collagen boost. Includes a complete Signature Facial plus a prescribed collagen masque. The Collagen Facial will revitalise the skin, improve skin elasticity, increase cell renewal and fight against free radical damage long after your treatment has finished.

Acne Facial

45 min   |   $65.00

Part of the secret to clear skin is a clean and balanced surface. The Acne Facial deeply cleans and resets the skin's pH balance. The removal of dead skin cells and impurities aids in the repair process. The Acne Facial is recommended as a treatment programme for best results.

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