Massage Salts


Full Body Massage

60 min   |   $95.00

Swedish massage techniques are used to relax and remove tension from the body. You will be left feeling rejuvenated and floating on a cloud.

Half Body Massage

30 min   |   $50.00

The focus is on where you need it most. A customised and targeted massage that is perfect for relieving tension and sore muscles.

Body Exfoliation

60 min   |   $80.00

An invigorating full body salt scrub that will leave your skin soft and smooth. This treatment increases circulation - prompting toxin release and skin cell renewal. Finished with a hydrating moisturiser.

Body Wrap

60 min   |   $90.00

Infusing moisture and essential oils, this luxurious body wrap treatment will rehydrate tired and dry skin. Includes face and head massage to promote complete relaxation.

Body Reset

150 min   |   $245.00

Start with a full body exfoliation to rid your skin of dead skin cells and open the pores, ready to receive rich hydration with the luxurious body wrap treatment. Complete your Body Reset with a full body massage. Ultimate relaxation - do not plan any activities after this one!

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